Our Story

Associative data

A team of scientist studied - since 1996 - the best way of
storing data.

They wanted in storing the data to imitate the way a brain works because a human has much more abilities. The relational model has not been changed since its beginning. 

Finally, the Relavance
team invented and patented the associative data model. 
This resulted in a newly created product:

The associative data warehouse

With the almost unlimited data hunger, today's organizations
need to adjust its technologies to support this data growth

and need for flexibility and machine learning.

When facilitating the growth, the organizations and especially the data infrastructure need to be flexible. 


With the associative data warehouse, this flexibility is at your fingertips.

Team of Relavance

Ron Everett

Chief Scientist Officer/

Co-Founder / MoB

Gilles Favey

Chief Information Officer 

Chief Operation Officer 

Co-Founder / MoB

Philippe Therien

Chief Aims Architect and technical advisor to the board

Reinold Binkhuijsen

Sales & marketing

Valentin Petrov

Senior Associative Intelligence Solution Architect


USA CMO / Associative Master / Customer Support / Chief Implemantation / and many others.

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