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Scalable platform

Storage on disk and not in memory

The storage of the data in Relavance is directly on disk, persistent. You don't have to put all the data in memory to use Relavance. 32 GB or 64 GB is enough memory. For very large organizations this is the only way to move forward. This is where other in-memory systems just stop or crash. For those organizations, Relavance is a must.

Cost saver

The cost of an in-memory system can go up very quickly. Storage on disk is much cheaper then storage in-memory


By the atomic nature of data storage, the performance of the systems is still fast with huge amounts of data. No in between layers. Data is right on the harddisk which can be fetched with just 4 reads!! That is independent of the amount of data.

Own load balancer

Relavance has its own optimized load balancer which can handle enormous amounts of servers.

Unlimited capacity

Relavance has theoretically an unlimited capacity by abstracting the logical from the physical layer.


Our Databases are collections of 4byte arrays, and each new association is a 32bit integer. Addressing is done through indexing. We manipulate the address to the data.

Which other systems can do this?

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