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Relavance Associative Database System 

Relavance associative database system; the new standard for big data and analytics solutions


Relavance stores and retrieves information much like the human brain.  Our brain stores each atom of information networked to its associated concepts.  Your brain does not need to recall by writing a query, it instantly pulls up the associated information. So does our system.

The patent (link) is granted to us worldwide.

10 reasons why Relavance (+ links)

  1. Associative database architecture with saving context and associations (contextual search engine); 
    Answering questions you never asked.

  2. No modeling;

  3. Separation of data and multiple business models;

  4. Data de-duplication; single object only stored once 
    Resulting in approx. 70% less data

  5. Easy and intelligent extraction of data; only differences (in data and associations) are stored atomically.

  6. Instant pattern and data discovery.

  7. Fastest implementations: minutes/days, Saving 80+% of budget and time

  8. Security by Design; GDPR proof, encryption, data lineage

  9. Extremely fast handling of huge datasets; 
    Non-in-memory, storage on disk; 100-1000x faster.

  10. Automated Machine learning; true augmented intelligence, integrated in the database

Forget the old

Start new with Relavance

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