Fintech solutions

Fraud / AML / KYC / CIP

It is all about identifying the customer, knowing the customer and detecting fraudulent behavior/transactions in a big Big-data and GDPR proof analytics environment.

To do this Relavance Fintech offers:

- 1 single truth of customers and their transaction data

- Pattern discovery on all data

- Data discovery on all data

- AI (artificial intelligence) features like machine learning (based on associative intelligence)

This brings you:

- monitoring on AML activities

- a system that enables discovering unknown AML patterns

- adds data in a breeze with automated datamodeling

- deduplicated data

​As an Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Analyst you can perform the following tasks with our Relavance application:

  • Investigate and assess alerts relating to potential money laundering risks in 
    the organization

  • Ensure efficient identification and monitoring of activities and transactions  considered suspicious 

  • Ensure timely and efficient reporting of transactions considered suspicious 

  • Daily assessment of SWIFT and AML reports relating to potentially suspicious activity 

  • Stay current with money laundering and terrorist financing behaviors, issues, policies, regulations, criminal typologies, industry best practices, and 
    developing trends 

  • Help in identifying potential weaknesses in processes 

  • Act as a subject matter expert to employees, providing guidance on what actions to take in dealing with high-risk accounts 

  • Assist with addressing queries from corresponding banks relating to money
    laundering matters 

  • Provide advice to management on issues relating to  correspondent banking 

  • Conduct proper investigation of money laundering alerts or transactions 
    considered suspicious 

  • Help with AML compliance training on how to identify and report  suspicious transactions 

  • Handle development training for new employees 

  • Collect documentary proof and build and maintain case files for transactions deemed suspicious 

  • Arrange weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports 

  • Ensure proper record-keeping of data collected and analyzed

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