Reinold Binkhuijsen

Sales & marketing

Reinold focusses primarily on software development and business developing smart innovative IT solutions.

With over 20 years of experience in BI and data warehousing, Reinold has experience with Associative data warehouses, building GUI, BI solutions and Bigdata technology around Associative data warehouses.


Together, we will be able to analyse, model and implement customized associative BI solutions in weeks Innovatiers delivers dedicated connectors/feeders to ensure that your current applications put their data in the new associative Paradigm.


Implementation of over 200 different data sources to the Associative warehouse is just clicks away.

While we focus on technology, you can focus on the content.

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Nijverheidsweg 10

3881 LA Putten

The Netherlands

Route de Crassier 11

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