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Associative database

technology guarantees

more value out of augmented intelligence


​Augmented Intelligence​

Relavance software helps enterprises combine numerous disparate data sources. It offers an (analytic) platform, with automated data modeling (over these combined sources) and no need for moving data in stages/layers, to make instant discoveries.

Relavance software is used for augmented solutions where human intelligence is combined with intelligence through patterns and associations. In other words: 

The support of humans with associative intelligence:
augmented intelligence.

With the Relavance modeling technique, each piece of information is atomic in nature and can be associated with any other piece of information. Exception reporting and data discovery will automatically find and highlight insights.

Relavance saves 80% of budget and time.


"The new AI is Augmented not Artificial"

10 reasons why Relavance

  1. Associative database architecture with saving context and associations (contextual search engine); 
    Answering questions you never asked.

  2. Data de-duplication; single object only stored once Resulting in approx. 70% less data.

  3. Easy and intelligent extraction of data; only differences (in data and associations) are stored atomically.

  4. Instant discoveries. Fastest implementations;
    Saving 80+% of budget and time
    Running in minutes/days. Helps with data cleansing

  5. Security by Design; GDPR proof, encryption, data lineage

  6. Extremely fast handling of huge datasets; 
    Non-in-memory, storage on disk; 100-1000x faster.

  7. Smallest installation; only 2Mb software and 30Mb application. Software can be embedded for smart chips.

  8. Automated Machine learning and Metadata manager
    True intelligence, much more than statistical rules.

  9. True agile development of data warehouses

  10. Easy interface with your own applications

Forget the old

Start new with Relavance

Proven technology

  • Worldwide operating banks investigated and tested many systems and they choose Relavance.

  • The US Navy used Relavance many years for 2 complete fleets (Northern Atlantic fleet and Northern Pacific fleet). All classified information. 

  • The US DoD (Department of Defense) tested our technology and could not break the encryption because of the security by design.

Success stories: fully applied in the following industries

The largest financial organizations

and the military trust our associative system

Key benefits

In contrast to these aforementioned existing data storage ‘solutions’, our Data Management Automation technology offers significant cost reduction and performance improvement of almost everything related to Information management, especially through providing complete autonomous data aggregation, correlation, storing, accessing and querying. Minimizing, then eliminating human involvement in the process of data management is key to the next evolutionary step in the IT industry.


When we reach the threshold where AI is competent enough to take over from the humans, data will no longer be the center of IT and we will take a major leap forward into ‘Intelligent Information’ management, where the use of the information will be central to the organizations’ business.

Extremely fast

Fast parallel processing capable and Non-in-memory associative processing enables complex queries over massive secure data sets. Speeds are generally several orders of magnitude faster than alternatives.


Expandable platforms need to easily grow and change to keep pace with company needs. The Relavance platform easily accommodates future changes without reworking the data models. The solution is open to any BI tool or application development domain.


Open data can be published using the embedded API Manager. A centralized dashboard is built so that it allows the user to view all data in real-time.

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