Saving 80% time and money

This is a bold announcement. We have heard a lot of: "this can't be true" and "it would to good to be true"

Until organizations try Relavance.

How can we make such bold statements?

Ingesting data

- Relavance is data-agnostic. We can handle many different types of data. Once imported (simple clicks) pdf data is integrated with no-sql data is integrated with data of API

No Multi-tier datawarehouse

- Once the data is in our system, we don't move around the data. So we do not use a multi-tier datawarehouse. We plot an associative datamodel on the data. Is it still fast then: blazing fast, optimized for big big-data.

- If the datamodel is changed, we don't move the data, no conversions! We plot a newer datamodel over the same, edited, or added data and use the new associative datamodel.

Implementation savings, some figures:

  • No queries to write - 80% reduction in time development

  • No tables - 50-75% reduction development costs

  • No Indexes - only 6 instructions in the API

  • No views - one line of code access to your data


Relavance is a non in-memory system. All data is stored directly on disc.

Still don't believe it?

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