Time and money saver

This is a bold statement. The time and budget-saving are caused by eliminating many of the steps connected with building a traditional data warehouse or business intelligence (BI) project. It will be guaranteed that you save time and costs.

  1. Data cleansing. See this page

  2. Ingesting data. Easy.
    Ingesting data is just a few clicks away. With:

    • No views.

    • No data modelling, the system generates the model.

    • No queries to write.

    • No indexing.

    • No tables.

  3. Ingesting data. Data-agnostic. All data is stored atomically. If it is from no-SQL, API, pdf. We don't care​.

  4. No moving of data, no multi-tier datawarehouse. Once in the system. We keep it there. We might just have an improved associative datamodel, but we do not move data.

  5. If the data structure of the ingested data has changed, the associative datamodel will be automatically adjusted when needed.

  6. Storage. All data is saved directly on disk. No in between layers. It uses some memory for the system (16GB). No other memory needed for data. It makes it blazing fast and expandable.

Still don't believe it? Let us do your project.

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