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Agile development

Agile software development and data warehouse (DWH) techniques are fully supported. The Relavance platform follows agile software development for rapid and incremental delivery of business functionality. 

​The associative data warehouse can reduce or eliminate many of the steps connected with building a traditional data warehouse or business intelligence (BI) project.

Because of the atomic data storage and generation of datamodel at ingestion (by the system), complete data agility is at your fingertips. You can add additional data in every sprint without data remodeling, conversions, etc.

A real timesaver


  1. Determine Business Objectives

  2. Extracting (transactional) data into a staging area

  3. Define or redefine the datamodel of DWH

  4. Transforming the data

  5. Loading the transformed data into a database

  6. Setup Metadata

  7. Building pre-calculated summary values to speed up report generation

With Relavance

  1. Determine Business Objectives

  2. Ingesting the adjusted and or added data

        Finished !!

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