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Over 70.000.000 ship parts of more than 330 ships including flight deck carriers were stored in Relavance. Results: 

  • Our Associative technology identifies concepts with the same or different names as the same thing. So the same spare parts with different names were all of a sudden put together instead of being treated as separate parts before.

  • The system access authorization by whom and to what part of the system as well as workflow management.

  • Supporting complex calculations and processes being done using the 1970s mainframe technology. The challenge was to assimilate and track a large number of data changes across a data warehouse, sort through 50+ million records, and compute spare/repair part requirements for Navy ships – up to and including aircraft carriers.
    The challenge was complicated by different configurations of each ship based on incremental upgrades and changing versions of subsystems/parts, complex business logistics rules, and the sheer volume of data (billions of database-equivalent records). A process that previously took more than a month of manual and semi-automated effort, was reduced to less than 15 minutes using the associative technology now at the core of Relavance. The long, labor-intensive exercise became an automated, near real-time computation process – thanks to the power of associative database technology.

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